We have called upon the Nymphs to return to earth.

A first-of-its-kind generative art
NFT and entry ticket to

an interactive metaverse quest
for ETH prizes.


A collection focused on
pushing the form.

11,111 Nymph NFTs to guide you
through a brand new alternate reality game.

Participate in an internet scavenger hunt, mystery quest and
performance⁠—or simply collect & watch the show.


Born of water and wood, mountain flowers, and the clouds above, nymphs are an essential lifeforce of the planet. They serve and guard places and people that are most sacred to them. They enjoy life with abandon and are regarded as divine spirits.

In Ancient Greece, the worship of nymphs was more prevalent amongst peasants in rural areas. Nymphs frequented places distant to the elite and were most encountered by lone travelers on the fringes of society.

Nymphs not only created natural beauty in the world, but also nourished the bereft. Likewise, Satoshi aspired to take control back from the elites and empower ordinary people. She catalyzed a new age of financial and cultural sovereignty.

It is believed nymphs permanently disappeared around the early twentieth century; some say their departure coincided with our lost sense of kinship and destruction of the planet.

We have called upon the Divine Nymphs—a hybrid, new, transhuman species of nymphs—to return to earth, rebuild what’s been lost, and usher you into the absurd realm that is Pandora’s Box.

⁠—> Are you ready to redefine mythology?

Why hold Divine Nymphs?

Carbon Offset with
Access to
Pandora’s Box Quest
Holders own
Divine Nymphs IP
Holders allowlisted
for Stolen Horse drops
Led and owned
by real Nymphs
Fairness &

Join our community on Discord,
mission control for Pandora's Box.

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The Team

is an artist and electronic musician. Her video work and live performances have been exhibited in venues across the world–––most notably at the Perez Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, MOMA PS1, Mélange, 3 Points Music Festival and Boiler Room TV.


Cyborg Princess

art, visions, telekinesis


is a photographer, writer, mother, crypto- and NFT-native power nymph. As a photojournalist, she traveled from the jungles of Guatemala to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and a couple dozen countries in between. She is now fully committed to Stolen Horse, poised at the intersection of asset ownership, social change, and art.



imagining, teleportation, siren songs


is an artist and developer from the crypto class of 2016. He also co-owns Launch Code Capital, a boutique crypto venture fund.



code, healer, immortality


is a graphic designer, muralist, and interdisciplinary artist participating in group exhibitions in the US. Tyche's design clients include Adidas, SKAM, and Diesel. Tyche has also worked alongside Tony Goldman and David Lombardy properties as a muralist. As an accomplished DJ, Tyche loves electronic music history.


Deity of Fortune

art, sorcery,


is a graphic designer, DJ, and filmmaker. A winner of the Miami Short Film Festival, her work has been shown internationally at universities and urban planning conferences. As a DJ, she has shared decks with an eclectic set of artists including Floating Points, Fatima Yamaha, and Pantha du Prince.



design, soul reading,


is an artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally at places such as the ICA London, The Phillips Collection, and Berlinische Galerie among others. Her work has been featured in publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Artforum.



synthesizer, alchemy,
love potions




Stolen Horse is a cadre of artists that embodies the principles of crypto, the power of the absurd, and spontaneous collective joy.